Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Hail Dhoni !

He Tops news overnight. From No One, to a Super Hero.
From Man to God, on a Single match. Only possible in Cricket.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Mahendra Singh Dhoni also kalled as Dhoni.

First Match, Against Pakistan, In India and a Spectacular 148.
Dhoni, is all set for the bright future. And he has already cut open the Express Highway.

You might need his profile.

Full Name: Mahendra Singh Dhoni
Born: 7 July 1981, Ranchi, Bihar (Even this guy is older than me..Shucks !)
Major Teams: Jharkhand, India.
Also Known As: Mahi
Batting Style: Right Hand Bat
Other: Wicketkeeper

Guess Dhoni means Sound. Or is it Dwani ?
Whats in a name, if Talent is on the Bat.

It was thoroughly a Celebration. Battle won by the Gods. I heard fireworks till night.
The Big religion is on the hype again. Its amusing to see the Winning pictures of India.

Im the only reason, India won this match. Otherwise, if I had played in this match.....

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Shreekanth said...

After 3 years (In just 3 years) This guys tops in Indian cricket (All areas)