Monday, April 04, 2005

I hear Horns of Mumbai Express

The Distant Sound of the train coming. Though people hear it, and it is subtle truth that a train is coming, Still people look out, for where the train is coming, by leaning outside the platform. Thats because there's a Child in everyone of us. Everyone likes watching a Railway station (empty or full), Elephant, Moving Water, Monkeys or Monkey, Stars, Distant Ship and many more. There is a saying "Within every Old Man, there is a Young man wondering What the hell happened...?".

I heard such a Train sound in the Distance. Mumbai Express music is what i mean. 6 songs in all including Vande Matharam and a Theme song. Why are all movies now having Theme Song ? Both Sachin and Mumbai Express have Theme Songs, both Unimpressive (for now).

Look at the Picture of Mumbai Express (this is My Adobe Photoshop product). Somehow or other, Kamalhaasan impresses with his touch of humour. May be the person on top is an important character in the movie, because there are already 2 songs talking of Monkey Business. Let me hear the songs one more time, may be i will like it this time.

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Kaps said...

Mumbai Express songs are hopeless. None of the songs are worth humming. I have heard it once so far. I don't think I'll change my mind even if I listen one more time