Thursday, April 14, 2005

Mumbai Xpress - a Big Let Down

Before even attampting to write something in the name of a Review, let me give you a statutory warning. Kamalhaasan made a few promises before the movie got released. What were they ?

  • Mumbai Xpress will be a non-stop Laugh-a-Riot movie.
  • I promise a complete family entertainer, with no Vulgar scenes in it.
Precisely, Kamal has kept up his promise from Title-Start to Title End. Congratulations Kamal. But does that alone make a hit ? Well, many of the Hardcore Kamal fans including me, tasted tea-dust after a cup of great tea. Mumbai Xpress could have been a lot better than is now.

There is a Kidnap plot, and how the plot changes it plan, and what goes wrong after Kamal gets into the plan is the entire movie's story. "When Crime meets confusion" is the caption of Mumbai Xpress, and cant be more approporiate than that. Pasupathy (Kothala Thevar) plays a amazingly comical role of a villain - comedy villain, and to me He is the Hero of the first part. Talking of first part, there can be no other movie so great and fast and so very interesting than Mumbai Xpress.

Obviously there is a mismatch in the kidnap, and a unexpected ransom amount is paid for, and what Kamal does with it, makes you roll on floors. (well, it did me).

Kamal, particularly in this movie, has shown everyone in the movie as corrupted ones. Everyone, including his Sister is on for money and are pretending to be good to Kamal. Kamal, should have underlined about this and said more about this. (i was expecting a message like that). Very cleverly underplayed on songs. You wont see any song on screen, in full, except the Vande Matharam song (even this is changed to some other song. Cautious !!).

I saw the movie on Sathyam - Digital Projection. Well, i cant appreciate it though, but i saw a few long shots very poorly rendered. I dont know why. Kamal's stunts in the movie are quite amazing, and i can understand the pain taken and sincerity in it. But as someone said on their blogs, the movie certainly missed Crazy Mohan.

Laughter is certain for all the time you watch the movie. But you will be shocked when the movie ends. I was expecting an ending that was still to come, but Kamal said "Thats all for Rs. 60 , Thanks for coming !!!". BAD ENDING.

The movie is full, i mean, lots of scenes, and lots of points worth mentioning. But will do it as a discussion. If you are yet to watch the movie, go ahead and place yourself on laughter therapy in some of the theatres, and come back.

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