Friday, April 29, 2005

The Next Best thing

Everyone has a dream. Someday, they will find it close to reality. And when it is practically achievable, It is no more a dream. So, in the empty space, where the dream was, comes another Dream. The Next Best Thing...

I once had a dream of buying a bike [Bajaj Pulsar] . Unfortunately for me, when i saw my dream coming closer to reality, i had this Dream Accident (Yuk !). And then, i was forced to have more practical dreams (is this an Oxymoron - Practical Dreams !!). And today i take delivery of a new Black Honda Activa - with a Honda Key-chain ( im more amused at smaller things, than bigger ones). Today my dream vaccum is filled with Honda Accord.

Life is always about this. The Next Best thing that you can achieve and acquire. If you ask yourself, why you earn money... you have this answer in mind. "I want to get the next best thing to....", well somethings.

May be your dream is a better computer, high speed DSL, high quality sound.
Or you own a old bike, you want a new one. Or you aspire for a Car.
You have a house, you want a more spacious one, with a Home theatre provision.
You are now a Team Lead, and you want to become the Project Manager.

In reality, you just give it to time, to do things for you. You know, the more practically achievable your dream is, then Time will take care. If the wait is Honest, then the Next Best thing will always show up to you.

Only if your dream is not just the next best thing, but it is about the "Close to Impossible" event, like a Software Engineer of a company dreaming of a Vice president - Delivery in a Software Organaization, then it needs tremendous prayers to Hardwork, and planning. Of course there are a lot of things that will account here, like "Elements of Uncertainity". But the equation works for 90% of the people.

(Consistant Hardwork * Persistant efforts) - Elements of Uncertainity = Unbelievable Success.

May look like a Crazy immature "yet another useless euqation". But this is what i believe in.

So, i dont want to have Unbelievable success.

I just believe and dream on the Next Best Thing.


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