Saturday, April 02, 2005

Pope John Paul II is dead

The Pope was very old, even before i was born.

He was appointed in 1978 as Pope, and i was born only 1982. Pope is the most superior position in the Catholics, like what Kanchi Peetam is for Hindus. Vatican as you know is the smallest, and yet powerful country in the world. Well, we cant call it a country though, as its just the size of Teynampet and Alwarpet put together. But Teynampet and Alwarpet are not as powerful as the Vatican, and not just Rich even. Vatican could be richer than India is.

Now, that the Pope is dead. Our Condolenses. He was a good man, in the press. I have seen his interviews or messages. He had a Honest tone, in finding peace in everyday life. Let his Holy Soul rest in Subtle peace.

Next up ! Pope elections. I feel strange here, looks like Angels and Demons is live in action.


Ram said...

lol...closer to life fictions are always haunting! hope there's no Camerlengo there ;)

Ram said...

i meant a "villain" camerlengo :D

keerthi said...

Me, hope the same. But then, are you not interested in such an action taking place ??