Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Search what you Searched for

What is the maximum thing you can search for, is the list of all the things you already searched. Google is attempting to remember all that you searched, and the list helps you on a flavoured search, where Google is personally going to reccommend you searches and results based on your Search History. My, My, My !

Thats like having a personal assistant, and asking him to record things out. This feature is enabled via your Google account, so your search list available wherever you search (I mean it is mobile).

"My Search History will record everything a searcher does while using Google. Users will note the amount of time they spend on Google, where they went, the amount of time they spend on each document found through Google, the last time they visited a web document, and where they went after visiting a web document.Users who sign up for the service will learn a lot about how they use Google. In turn, Google will learn a lot about every user as well." - stepforth

[ctsy - My Avyukta ]

But it will be really nice if someone gave me a software to find my missing toothbrush.


lavsubbu said...

i don't think thats a very useful tool....atleast not for me.
Definitely useful for research students.No doubt about it. I remember the thousands of google searches i used to do to flick ideas for my thesis ;-)

But now, i rarely do any important searches.

keerthi said...

of course, it may not be that useful. But is surely a sophistication. Its only the thought of adding more and more features on Google that impresses me. I've not seen any search engine grow this fast with such a small employee strength.