Monday, April 18, 2005

Somethings Money Cant buy

Its always a pleasure watching advertisements. The ones with really good creativity. MasterCard ads are a real feast for a "Wow ! I Like it" person. Here's one.

[ctsy - ]

How many people's life have you touched. I have always felt, that if I could give a person a Consoling smile, a warm hug and ease his tension or fear then we have touched his life. We could make a difference in everyone's life. And they could - in ours. I know it sounds really artificial, but then Think about it.

If you can stop a tear,
If you can bring a smile on a face,
If you can soothe one's feelings,
If you can throw a hand for another hand to take grip of
Then you have touched a life.

How many minds have you touched ?

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sen said...

Nice one...