Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Swingin in Joy

To me, I have my own definitions of richness. Inspite of the definitions being foolish, i persist in Holding them. If you are showing me a Rich Man's house, I wont accept the owner "Really Rich" if the house did not have a Swing. Oonjal - Unjal, thats what they call it in Tamil.

As always, the best ways I can remain Idle are these. Watching an Elephant, Sitting in a Railway Station for hours, Two legs waggling on a stream of water (I did this once in Srirangam.. it was heaven), and Swingin on a Oonjal.

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It is sheer pleasure, sitting on a Oonjal, and having a conversation. My Uncles house has one big Swing in a room, and thats my fave-room. Me, my Paatti and my uncle , had many conversations there. It is like the Swing is the fourth person listening.

Im planning to have one at my home (to make myself rich, you know !!).

See, Im still a kid at mind. Thats why i write Mainframe Programs ;)


Anonymous said...

But at the same time you should see wether we are living in a village or city

keerthi said...

hello, is it Mr. Ramakrishnan ?

yes, but even in city i wish a lot of houses had swing..