Sunday, April 24, 2005

The theory of "Why Did I not ..."

Earlier this day, I was on Kiruba's page. And read through how Kiruba Shankar got an Air-conditioner, and how he could have got it even cheaper, for as much as Rs. 5000 difference.

In another instance, i find my friend regreting for buying 6610 in a premature stage, and now the Improved version of 6610 - 6610i with camera and other stuffs cost pretty much cheaper that what was got for 6610.

Even My computer with all High-tech stuffs would cost a lot cheaper now, than what was purchased in September 2004. The time difference is not too much. But in a short span of time, the product is much improved and cheaper.

And only thing we could do is be ignorant. Or regret.

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Why did I not wait and Buy ? Should have waited for some more time...
Why did I not consult and search ? I should have got that one instead of this,.
Why did I not be careful ? I could have got it a lot cheaper

Do you have answers ?


tt_giant said...

x = x+1 in a recursive function.
Just buy it!!

keerthi said...

I didnt get you deepak.
Can you explain me (Im kinda bulb, you know !!)