Sunday, April 03, 2005

Welcome Rain in Chennai

Sunday evening, Drizzling. Its always nice to hear a word with a ZZ sound. But the Rain Drops were even melodious to hear.

Hope it sustains,
and Keeps the earth Wet,
and keeps May without Sweat . (Wow ! Im getting better day by day ! Someone give me award, or soemthing. ;) ).

April Up and Running. All countdowns towards Mumbai Express and Chandramukhi. Who will win, place your bets. "Anju Vachcha Paththu. Paththu vachcha Iruvadhu !! Vaa Vadhyare !". I have my own doubts on Mumbai Express. And im impressed by the Silence and Simplicity of Chandramukhi. (Strange, coz im a Kamal Fan).

Hey, I found a new Font. Tell me how do you like it.

The font is called Scriptain. Check it out.

Nyways, Have a Bright week ahead.


Karthik said...


Chicago layum relase on Apr 15... Have a great feeling and am really excited to be among the gang to see the movie in the US of A!!!


Jeff said...

The image of the boy is from

Please give credit to photographers when you use their work. Thanks!

Cool blog!


lavsubbu said...

hmm...i am not a fan of the color:RED. Use the cool BLUE!