Sunday, April 24, 2005

Yahoo - Advantage

With Yahoo very close to giving 1GB email for everyone, the chances of GMail conquering the world is ruled out (thats my opinion / prediction). Why is simple.

Many of the eMail users are still stuck with Yahoo and even Hotmail. Most people hesitate to migrate to someother email service, on the bargain of more technology. GMail, despite offering Unbelievable great services, has one set-back. LATE. It has been very late, for GMail to have been introduced. Of course, the advent of GMail has made Yahoo rethink of its services. And quite amazingly, Yahoo has brought in all the concepts (or atleast most of them) of GMail into itself.

Talking of memory, Yahoo played safe, and worked out its capabilities and now decided to take on Head to head with Google.

Yahoo's Blog service is already a Hit in its Beta stage. Also looks like Flickr is bought by Yahoo. I smell Google flavour you ?

So, here we have two tight competitors, Yahoo and Google. Both fighting for supremacy, and thus offering us more and more services. It is the public thats enjoying.

Rarely we see, public getting benefitted. Well, thats not good.. isnt it.


Kaps said...

I also agree that people might not migrate from hotmail and yahoo as they need to inform the whole world about the new email ID. Given that lot of spam are flowing into Yahoo and Hotmail one can atleast hope to have one email ID (Gmail) totally spam free.

Ram.C said...

firt time here, your page layout is cool. (because it is the same as mine :-) :-) :-)

I started using Gmail only recently and finding it more comfortable.

Now, I hv given that as my blog's email Id. So, getting entertained with the incoming mails.

keerthi said...

yes Kaps. i've been using GMail for almost one year now. and all spams directly go to the SPAM folder. Thats neat.

thanks Ram.C . I wish your name was Ram.C.M , my favourite name of kamalhasan 5thanthiram.