Monday, May 16, 2005

1857 - The Rising

Ever since I had Mrs. Proto Fernando for Social Studies, i have always shown my complete interest on History. No one teaches Social as she does. The first Contemporary teacher who shaped my life. When many people did not like History, i enjoyed it, just because of the way the subject was taken. And during my 8th to 10th standards, I had dates of History on fingertips.

And if someone wanted to hear my History talent, here's where i normally start. The Sepoy Mutiny. Mangal Pandey 1857. I start the story like a movie, where at the introduction scene a warrior is hanged. Then the struggle goes on till 15 August 1947.

Aamir Khan should have had the same impact on history. Or did he think another pre-1947 movie, will win him names.. dont really know. Whatever, "THE RISING" is up and coming.

[ctsy - RisingTheMovie ]

The story is about Mangal Pandey being a soldier in British Army, during the fight in Afghanistan, and he saves his General's life after which they become great friends. Now there will be a few girls (One English and One Rani Mukharjee). They sing, romance and what not. Then comes the good part, the wierdest part of Indian History. Soldiers are given controversial weapons, which they have to bite and spit before firing. This exact thing they are biting was supposed to be Beef.

The British were now were hurting the Religious feelings. Thats when Mangal Pandey starts revolting, and exactly at that point, India got Independance. I personally admire the hair style of Aamir Khan for The Rising. Reminds me of Kamal Haasan before Hey Ram.


thennavan said...

It is a mega budget one for sure. I think people may approach it with the same expectations as Lagaan and I dunno if that is a good thing or a bad thing.

keerthi said...

yes thennavan.
I believe Rahman is done the Music. But somehow feel Rahman is doing stereotypic movies these days in Hindhi. A lot of pre-historic movies, and they all need the same kind of music. Not many Hindhi directors have the "Break th Trend.." thought.

Ram.C said...

Hope that it should not meet the fate of Hey ram, swadesh, kisna etc., which had so much of hype before their releases.

Mangal said...

ya movie of the year and it will win an Oscar