Wednesday, May 18, 2005

The +2 Result Festival

How would your day be, when someone sends a Good Morning Mail, like this.

If you feel like doing some work, Sit Down and Wait until that feeling goes away

Thanks Raghu for sending this. Im seriously considering this.,

Whats news ?? Thursday already..

+2 results are out in Tamilnadu, and boy, oh boy !!.
ChennaiOnline and many others who had hosted the results on their servers were down like hell.

This culture of viewing results on the Net and Cellphones, was just evolving when my results came out. My result was known only in the evening, and only i know what sort of emotional imbalance went on in my house after knowing the results.

The +2 guy, who just got his result would have now known about his chances of getting inside Infosys.
Obviously the fella is going to study B.E in some college, any Discipline (for the sake of doing B.E) and then forget all his Mechanics, Electronics, GeoInformatics and every single thing he studied, and blindly join Infosys or some Software company and start C++ training.

Im sorry, if i were wrong in your case. But thats true in most of the B.E students i have seen.
Whats your opinion. I have a big thought burst now.. but then read the first line.....

Ill do it this weekend.


Ram.C said...

It is the fate of those joining Engg. colleges nowadays... Anyhow you hv 200 plus colleges.. so, no need to worry, right...

BTW, did you see my posts (two parts) on this Anna University release?

thennavan said...

That line of yours (about someone who studies other branches of engineering finally landing up in a software company) was what I had also expressed in the comments in someone's blog (can't remember who now). We may end up with a shortage of qualified engineers in other disciplines like civil, mechanical etc.

keerthi said...

exactly. we would loose quality in those disciplines as the toppers in B.E Civil and Mechanical and Instrumentation will obviously take up the Software job, and the low scorers will become architects.

Raj said...

I too agree with whatever keerthi has said about the youngsters coming fresh out of the schools. But we can't blame on them too. Due to hype in software industry , most of the students believe that if and only if they are into a s/w company their life will be brightful which is untrue. Afterall only 50% of the people going to US every year are from s/w.

lavsubbu said...

I don't think the trend will stop in India...we are heavily dependant upon contract jobs.

keerthi said...

Thennavan, Nice new pic. Kalakkals.

Raj, lavs and ram.. agree with all of you (Ram, including your post.)