Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Blog India

You cant run out of news, when you visit Kiruba. This time it was from the comment section, and thanks to Mohankrishnan.

Indian Government has plans to recognize the Bloggers of India,
who could shape opinions. Many bloggers so far have been appearing on lots of magazines, and due recognition has been achieved. People have made marks, already. And this will help in a better way.

"We are framing the rules for giving accreditation to dotcom journalists, including bloggers. We want an inclusive policy and we want to complete the process as early as possible" Principle Information Officer Shakuntala Mahawal said.

"The idea is to sequester the genuine from the fraud and acknowledge those who really want to make a difference. They will be given facilities and better access through accreditation."

Thats impressive, huh !!!

Read the Full Article here.

So start your blog today, and find out how much difference you can make.


Ram.C said...

absolutely great news...to hv a recognition at government level...great going.

keerthi said...

how would you like to be a Govt recognized blog.

Anonymous said...

avyukta.blogspot.com; You saved my day again.

Anonymous said...

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