Sunday, May 01, 2005

The DaVinci Key

The world is waiting for Dan Brown's next-up. "The Solomon Key" is almost a sequel of The DaVinci Code (shortly called TDVC). Brown says that the cover Illustration of TDVC is the key for his next book - The Solomon Key. The book again features "Robert Langdon" a professor from the Harvard University. The Langdon charater is the trump card for Dan Brown, as he does this act of overriding emotions on the user, using the thoughts of Langdon.

What I mean is, superimposing the thoughts of Robert Langdon in a way that it becomes our thought, and the story moves fast. Thats been Dan Browns key, all the way to success. The Solomon Key is expected to release February 2006. This book is on the Freemasons, that means a lot of American leaders are in trouble. Well, Conspiracy is my favourite topic. I wish Dan Brown was in Chennai and wrote stories about DMK and ADMK. I also wish Dan Brown wrote about Netaji and Nehru.

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There's already a book on the speculations of the "Solomon Key". It is called the Davinci in America, by Greg Taylor. Will give it a read and let you know whats it all about.


Kaps said...

Any idea when the movie "Da Vinci Code" is slated for release?

keerthi said...

Kaps, Looks like 2006 is the year. But the Cast and Crew look promising. All the faces will remind us of our imagination when we read the story. Only i cant Digest Tom Hanks in Langdon's role. Should have been a younger hero !! But no one can do it better than Hanks for a confused College professor.