Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Next Level Gaming

The Gaming industry has been on Nitro Boost. PS2 and XBoxes have been sold even in chennai. There are a few PS2 rental play stations in chennai too. I was only wondering the growth.

Take a look at this, new level gaming. Introducing the Real Virtual Car.

[ctsy - BoingBoing ]

You see a person driving a car in a stadium (probably a F1 race track). But only the Stadium part is wrong. The car is Standing still, but the LCD Screen shows animations of the Game. So, he is virtually in a race track, but physically in a car like this.

[ctsy - BoingBoing ]

Virtual Reality, Gentlemen. Beautiful gaming experience.
I wish i play NFS Underground in this car.

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Swathi said...

Yes it is really good.