Thursday, May 05, 2005

Picophone - Good Try

Ironies are the part of life (im becoming a philosopher, day by day, phew !). I only remember Anbe Sivam's conversation between Kamal and r.Madhavan.

r. Madhavan - "even if we are ready to pay, we dont get facilities. Thats India for you !!!"
kamal - "as long as you people think, that you can pay whatever, and get whatever, THAT WILL BE INDIA FOR YOU ".

Good one, huh ! The point is, we have high speed connections, and yet we dont have a very satisfying software to have Voice Chat. Many times i think "Voice Chat is an equivalently costly to Telephone calls, only it makes us think its cheap". Reason, in voice chat - we assume it is cheaper, so we talk for a very long time, even though we do not have anything to talk about. And that virtually brings the cost closer to brief telephone calls.

But last week, me and my uncle discovered a better way of communication. PICOPHONE.

[ctsy - Vitez ]

It is a Amazingly Small application, that helps you dial an IP and talk to remote, in a much much Clear way. The audio would be Crystal Clear. Main reason being, there is no Audio Server in between. Picophone existed long back, but then, only now i got Broadband.

Get more information and Downloads here

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