Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Speed Up the Web

Minds are always greedy. Arent they. Even though you have High speed Internet connection, you would prefer web pages getting downloaded even faster. To say, you want other pages getting downloaded at the speed of Google returning the search results. Have you ever imagined that way ?

Well, even if you have not, please accept Googles next beta product - Google Web Accelerator - GWA.

This gets installed on your browser (IE and Firefox 1.0+, nice to see more on Firefox) and chaches the pages you see, and later on refering pages, gives you chached + current information on the page. Also sometimes does the Pre-fetch of pages, so that the moment you type the URL, the desired page zaps up at hilarious speed.

[ctsy - Google Labs ]

Unfortunately, im not able to experience that, as even after installing this one, i dont seem to find any significant difference. I guess this would be a product with quite some bugs, as some of them already showed up. Let me wait and see the results.

We need to give some time for every good thing to happen.

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Paul Rasu said...

I checked the increased internet speed at .