Sunday, May 15, 2005

Strike the Difference

[ctsy - Obviously Indiaglitz ]

Looks similar, huh ! Very probably the stories are different. But both the pictures look very similar and Both are injured in their hands.

I remember those old days of picking up the kumudam and spot the Six differences page.

I see one small difference and feel triumphant on spotting the difference. But now Im insanely matured to see Two Different pictures, and declare they are the same. Blame it on my education.


Kaps said...

Kamal's injury is in his right hand whereas Surya's injury is in his left this the difference?

keerthi said...

Kaps, i was genrally talking about the similarity of the pics. both sitting on a table, holding one photo each, and a gun in their hands. Both have a worried look.

Ram.C said...

kaps had really spent some time in spotting the differene.. and Keerthi, u had picked up some really nice pictures with a similarity.