Friday, May 20, 2005

Sucked out of the Stars

My company sponsored a movie night yesterday. And it was the First time in my life (and hopefully the last) that I walk out of the theatre, without watching the Full movie.

You'd be surprised to hear the names.. Theatre: Sathyam (RDX) Movie: Star Wars Episode III

[ctsy - George Lucas]

Main problem was purely because, I havent watched the earlier movies. And I didnt understand a single bit of it. Single Bit. Dont know who is the good guy, and who is bad (Ok ! we can figure that one out..). Yet the special effects were mind-boggling. But i dont like the idea of fighting with that torch like thing. Rajnikanth is better.

May be im not an elite audience to watch Star Wars.


lavsubbu said...

Wow..this is the first time i heard someone saying they didn't like StartWars :-)
But i can understand the reason.
I wasn't a big fan of StarWars too until my husband made me watch all the earlier episodes.
I agree with you that fighting with the torch is kid of ridiculous. But if you listen closely, u can hear a faint hum whenever the torch is used...which makes it kind of an interesting weapon.

keerthi said...

you are right Lavsubbu.

i know the entire world is a great fan for the Star Wars. Have you watched the Episode III ? It is a visual treat, even if you dont like the story.

Karthik said...

I would have given any amount to see the move and you have walked out half way through?
Nalla iruda!