Tuesday, June 28, 2005

AAA Logo Creator, is one very good software, with a wide range of templates, that best describe whicherver your business is.

This Picture on the left was created with a simple click, and it impresses with every option. It is available for free trial download here. Give it a try.

New Google Earth is available for download. Whats the difference between Keyhole and Google Earth ? Well, 3D. :) Yep ! you can see earth the way you like it. Tilt it. See from surface, see from top... do whatever you want.. for in this earth we have an Undo button unlike our earth. I wish there was.

And hey ! 7000 up... smiles.


Ram.C said...

congrats on your 7k, keerthi

keerthi said...

thanks Ram.. im a slow grower.