Monday, June 27, 2005

Anniyan - Review (What ?? Again ?)

I know most of you guys read a review of this movie. Hey, I never attempted to write reviews.. So, i thought I start practicing by writing useless movies, and then finally write for a Kamal movie. But, Anniyan gave me a opportunity, very quickly. So, here goes.. Anniyan - "The man who comes from hell, is not afraid of ashes !".

Shankar's career depended on this movie, and its hit-status confirms that Shankar has survived. But I wish he survived with a style. Shankar has grown backwards in terms of maturity. "Gentleman" was a all-appreciated movie. "Kadhalan" was crap but a huge hit, it was Rahmans game totally. "Indian" was a sure-hit, with Kamal starring a award winning cast. "Jeans" was crapper than Kadhalan, and again was Rahman's game. "Mudhalvan" was desparate.. he mixed up everything and with one interesting knot, he unfolded a huge hit. "Boys" was a movie, any adoloscent guy would have wished to direct. Amidst a lot of controversies, Boys went on good business, not to forget the great music from Rahman.

If Boys was adoloscent - Anniyan is Childish. Lucky Shankar got Vikram's dates. I am wondering the otherwise clause. If just 2 scenes in a movie could drive the movie to success, then Anniyan is a sure Silver-Jubilee runner. But the way I see it, two very good scenes and all other highly immature scenes, sends a clear message to Shankar - "Be careful next time you make a movie."

Whats the Anniyan Story - Ambi alias Rules Ramanujam is a lawyer, who strives to find perfection in others - interms of following the rules. He is not happy with people, who spit on the road, violate traffic rules, who make faulty brake wires, who doesnt care to stop to help a person badly hurt, and so and so.

Meanwhile, Ambi logs into to log complaints aginst the person who did not stop the car to help a person badly hurt. And this person is killed by Anniyan. From there on, Anniyan appears and kills everyone Ambi finds fault with.

Is it enough for a hero to be angry all the time...perhaps no ! So, Ambi loves Nandhini (played delicately sloppy by Sadha). As other heroes do, he is not expressing it. And finally when he does, he understands, that his love is not reciprocated. This is when another character pops in - REMO. Remo is a model (you have to believe it.. you think you have choices ?) and impresses Nandhini and wins her heart, with a small Love-meter (crazy idea..).

So, we have Ambi, Anniyan and Remo rotating in Random fashion on the screen. And for the directors surprise, we are not surprised. There is a Split Personality or what is called the "Multiple Personality Disorder" on Ambi, and he behaves and super-behaves as Anniyan and Remo. Vikram has a huge carpet of Acting to roll over, and he has done it good. Sadha had a very small scope of acting, and she misses even that by a huge gap.

Back to story.. Meanwhile a crazy Prakashraj and Vivek duo, investigating all the murders, in a very unnecessarily disguised manner, finds out who is Anniyan. What they do after that, is the climax. Actually, Climax is the best part of the movie. Please dont take the exact meaning of best, its best because the rest of the movie is so-sloppy.

Vivek - a special mention is very much required. I felt Vivek performed even better then Vikram. Without Vivek, we would have quit the movie in 30 minutes. Absolute roll-out comedy. The theatre was fully laughing, and enormous response for Vivek's comedy.. at the sametime, the entire theatre sighed at the action sequences... Action scenes are really lengthy in Anniyan, and few of them very very immature. The Karate kids fight with Anniyan - damn it went more than 20 minutes. Too bad. Its boring man....

Music was really good to hear on my computer, but when I saw the way it was picturised.. it was not upto the expectations. "Kumari" song had very bad graphics and clearly showed, Vikram and Sadha were super-imposed on the backdrop of a huge Tulips garden, which was again a graphical animation. I bet Rs. 26 crores were not spent on the movie. There nothing worth so much of money.

Camera works amazing. In the action sequences, camera is the only thing that keeps us guessing, if it will be shown from top or panned, ,or will it be another 360 degree spin-around. But I prefer, Shankar stops using this technique in his next movie.. its kinda boring to use the same tricks.

On the whole, I find this movie Childish. I understand, "Childish" is not the word you give for a violent crime movie. But, Hey ! Watch the movie and you will know why it is childish.


The One said...

agree with most points...

but for, "...the backdrop of a huge Tulips garden, which was again a graphical animation...".
you see my dear senti friend, it was not graphics but real tulips. you have to see the real tulips to understand!

Ram.C said...

K'anni' muyarchikku vazhthukkal...I mean your first review. Has shaped up well.

keerthi said...

Hello Mr. One.. i understand the appearance of Tulips.. but you can easliy identify multiplied images, and the Magic Wand bordering Vikram and Sada, and a small yellow line separating the humans and the flowers.. Sathyam RDX easily reveals this.

Ram.c Thanks !.

Anonymous said...

If you are schizophrenic, there is no way in hell, you can advertise well ahead of time the appearance of anniyan in a well orchestrated and arranged meeting.. What with lighting and all... The only thing shankar knows is 'brahmaandam'.. I can fly a boeing 747 right through the holes in the movie... the tulip is a detail - whether it is graphic are real... Man... that remo character looked like a freak (50-50 if u know what i mean)... If Remo is a model, I am mickey mouse... shankara neraaa paathaaa onney onnu sollanumm... 'kekkaravan kenayanaaa irundhaaa erumai helicopter ottum nu solluvadaaa nee'..


keerthi said...

Sai, when you tell that to Shankar, just gimme a cal.. I wanna say something too..

Anonymous said...

Thr tulips are real. To make them bright, they did some funny graphics. It shows! Bt, the tulips are not multiplied. Only their color has been digitally enhanced(?)

Quite a fun movie to watch - esp when u keep ur brains away.

Enjoyed Anniyan!