Friday, June 24, 2005

Blogger Images

Thanks to GoogleBlog for the update. Blogger now has a beautiful way of uploading pictures, unlike the Flickr way. However, Flickr was good as well. Here's my try with the Blogger photos.

This is the Picture, I uploaded from my Hard Disk, directly to Blogger. This is the first picture, i ever loaded on my computer, actually. This, Ladies and Gentlemen, is Mr. Avyukta.

Avyukta is Lord Krishna's name and it means The Crystal Clear. And this picture of Lord Krishna, is called "Kaalinga Nardhanam".

You should definitely remember watching Mahabaratham on Doordarshan. Krishna tries to bring out something from the river, then comes out of the water with a deadly snake called "Kaalinga", and he performs an ecstasic dance over the head of the snake.

You will experience this divine spirit when you go to Srirangam, and there is a small Bronze statue (very very small) beautifully depicting this scene. This one is shown only on demand. So, most of you might not have seen it.

Thats with the picture, now to Blogger. The picture was customized to align left of the text, and size was modified after uploading on Blogger. Thats all the Flickr features you might need. So, with this, I think lots of bloggers will have one image per post for sure.

After all a picture speaks a thousand words.


thennavan said...

Keerthi, I blogrolled you :-)

Krithiga said...

I always wondered what 'Avyukta' meant. Now I know. :) And the painting of Kaalinga Narthanam looks almost real. Wish there was a larger version of the picture, though.

keerthi said...

thanks Thennavan.

Krithika, will mail you the larger versions.

Harish said...

an awesome pic btw!

Ram.C said...

a cute picture of krishna.... I am also finding this blogger uploading facility very usefl.

keerthi said...

Harish, this is a work done by the Hare Rama Hare Krishna Group..

ram.c , i know you will find a great use for Blogger Images.. I see that on your Blog already.

Anonymous said...

while seeing picture itself we can realize the power of krishna.fantastic picture.thanks