Saturday, June 11, 2005

Copyright - Thats Copy - Right !

What do you have to say about this picture ?

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Here's confession. If every computer now bought in India, would be shipped with Original Windows, imagine the turn-over Microsoft would have taken in. Take the funny-bone. Yesterday, i was in Richie street, buying a PC for uncle. Windows CD is available for less than a hundred, and Linux is costing more than 500 bucks. God Damn Linux is supposed to be free OS.

I only remember Karthik's dialogue, " know why people dont prefer Linux in India, despite the software being free, Because in India Windows is also free...". Thats subtle truth on the face.

Why am I writing this ?? Lazygeek had removed a snippet of Aananda Vikatan from his page, because a fellow blogger commented about copyrights. Well, that left me reactionless.

I had a really bad habit of posting images on my Blog without giving credits. Then Jeff Philips mailed me a educator, and i really understood the importance of crediting the authors. I feel only creativity has to be given proper Credits. Thats the one that breaks hearts for creators, ie their creation used without their name.

The other things have to be Copyright protected as well, but logically I dont mind crossing lines on what is not illegal. I may not be very professional in composing a Disclaimer for using other guys stuffs on my blog, yet Something tells me "Thats not wrong.."

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