Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Defenseless on a War

Who was Defenseless - Me. War with whom - Rain. Funny isnt it. Well, it wouldnt have been funny, if you were me, and if you were on the Nelson Manickam undergraound bridge waiting for the Damn signal, and all of a sudden it starts poring. I was wearning no helmet. No funny handkerchiefs Crowning me (i hate that habit..). Not even a glass to protect my eyes from the rain. You know how it feels, when drizzles hit your eyes, when driving.I was not good enough like Arvindswamy to put down my bike, and dance useless steps on the Road.

Rain gets its respect only when it rains, when it is expected to. Unexpected rains on Nelson Manickam Raods are not welcome.

Forget it. I can manage all my sneezings today.

Hey, if you are a Mainframe guy, you might want to look into it.
Click here to learn the importance of Mainframes, these days.

I guess tomorrow is a very auspicious day. Many marriage invitations waiting to get executed at home. What does that mean , Good Food ? Oh yes. One reception tonight, and will know about it all.


Prakash said...

hey.........first time into ur senses...
looks cool man
U got to come here man bloody rains wholeday..365 days...

keerthi said...

Thanks Prakash, for clickingh in.
Keep coming.