Thursday, June 23, 2005

Jollywood !

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Majaa is Vikram's next Flickr. With Anniyan rocking the Box Office, and Overtaken Chandramukhi's records early on, Vikram is now a relaxed man. And his next movie, Majaa, is precisely showing his mood. Maja is likely to go for a name change, but the pictures of Majaa that are out (however unrelated to the story..) are vibrant in terms of color and cast.

Beautiful colors carved out of different moods. I think Balasubramaniam is the Cameraman (correct me if im wrong). I like all those pictures, and this is the best one... Click here to see it.

Some more news about Thiruvaasagam In Symphony. Take a look at this pic.

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Ramamoorthy - Viswanathan, Ilayaraja, AR Rahman, SA Rajkumar, Vidyasagar and Barathwaj (Sujatha and Madan on the back seats). All musicians on a single row, and only this kind of events can trigger this. What a show.


Narayanan Venkitu said...

Wow, wonderful. My heart is full.

1) Who creates the name style for films...First I couldn't read 'Majaa' until I read your post. Very creative. Just by looking at the stills I have a gut feeling it will be a good hit. Amazing makeup/Photography looks like.! Who is this guy Balasubramaniam?

2) What a photo. Heartwarming to see all the MD's together. I haven't seen Ramamoorthy - Thanks.
Rahman in Dhoti.! amazing indeed.!

Kaps said...

@Venkitu Sir,

ARR is not in dhoti....looks like he is wearing a white trouser.

Tamil film producers have started concentrating a lot on the photo shoots (Vallavan is a classic example) and hence these promose come out very well. Famed photographer Sharad Haksar is also involved in some of the big budget productions...not sure whether he was involved in this one.

Narayanan Venkitu said...

Kaps, thank you. I went thru all the photos today in India Glitz.. You are right.!

keerthi said...

Venkittu sir, as kaps mentioned it is not dhoti.. but i have seen Rahman with dhotis.. he looks good with dhotis.

kaps, hope the movie is as good as the photos initially taken.

thennavan said...

That is a real visual treat to see all the musicians in one frame. Thanks for the photo and also for the all-important one in your latest post, that of Mr. Avyukta himself :-)