Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Madras Namma Madras

Dont be surprised, if Google Map search for Chennai gives the Madras Map. Try this, and you will surely be awe-struck to see the beauty of Chennai.

[ctsy - Namma Karthik ]

Thanks to Karthik, he spotted this, and informed me today morning. Karthik showed a Coonoor picture. I was, however, curious on Chennai. But then, Karthik had found the Latitude - Longitude for Coonoor (This one is in Nilgiris.. Karthik originates from here) and spotted the place... Great !!

I used KeyHole long back, but it showed only North America and someparts of Europe, very clearly, as close to RoofTop. So, same work-around India, would help reaching the RoofTop of my home soon. Imagine Google Maps and Google Locals together working in Chennai. Wow !

It will be like, you will search for "good jasmine flower" and Google will return you the Shop outside Kabali temple, Mayilapoor.. and show you a map as to how to reach it. You think this is funny... This is now possible in US, and will soon be in India. I bet !


thennavan said...

Shows that the green cover is still there although somewhat depleting. I would say this picture looks even better than what I found thru Keyhole (as you say it looked pretty much like a long-distance remote-sensing satellite map).

Ram.C said...

Mapping out Indian streets - will be a big task, since they were not planned very well.

If it happens, it would be really good.

keerthi said...

thennavan, you knwo whats Irony ? Kanniyakumari looks barren and dry.. unlike chennai. Seems, Gods view of this land is a little different.

Ram, should be a Himalayan task.. and yes, if it happens, nothing like that.

Anonymous said...

kazhudhayum kuzhandhail azhagu
chennayum 150000 feetla irundhu azhagu ;)


keerthi said...

Sai, super.. Vayasaanalum Kazhudhai tolerate pannalaam. Chennai 15 feetla tolerate pannave mudiyadhu.