Tuesday, June 21, 2005

My Sweet Petrol

[ctsy - The Hindu ]

"Petrol Prices Rise : Rs. 2.50 per litre"

I was getting, 3.6 Litres for Rs. 150 and now I would get 3.3 Litres for the same price. The price rise is understandable. How long can a government run on a loss, by letting Petrol on a price that is not affordable by Oil Companies.

Even LPG gases are to be priced at Rs. 450, but we are given LPG for Rs. 250. Slowly, it has to reach the 450 mark. And it will happen. So, soon we will have a day, where One Masala Dosai in Saravana Bhavan will cost around Rs. 70. Im talking of the very near future, say 2008.I already had One Curd rice for Rs. 175 in Mumbai. I couldnt digest both the fact and Thayir Sadham.

What I couldnt bear is that, within one month of purchasing my bike, Petrol prices have gone up by Rs. 3+. Statistically, I would get less than 1.5 litres for Rs. 150, next year. Kiruba was suggesting everyone to go to office by Bicycles, and so does Google. Well, what will happen to software guys from Sholinganallur ?


Adaengappa !! said...

Ippo Yaanai-ku theeni potta kathai madirila iruku ...

MADRAS veyil-la cycle la porathu..UNIMAGINABLE !!

Kaps said...

better option is to provide good public transport.....this would cut down private transport and hence help in easing traffic congestion.

keerthi said...

hello Prabhu, you are back ?? thats great.

kaps, public transportla chance illa. its virtually impossible to commute via public transport, atleast in chennai