Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Point and Shoot

[ctsy - MotorRadaufkleber ]

I watched Torque day before yesterday, and tried that on My Honda Activa and my broken leg. Worked out, i shortened the 20 minutes drive to office to 12 minutes. Speed thrills and Kills. But I guess my quota of accidents are over, i have completely utilized them. So, no more.

I got a ringtone, yesterday night on my C100. Thanks to Renganathan, it was an amazing song i like to hear all the time. "Harivarasanam". I have an mp3 (anybody ?) of K.J. Yesudas siging that song. You will hear one Mirudhangam and one Yesudas, thats it. You can only imagine the divine-ness of the situation, when you are listening. Mail me if you want the song.

Lazygeek has put up an interesting article, about the Ban on Smoking on Televisions and Movies. I agree to what he says (give it a read...). Stunning Coincidence is that Kiruba, also has put up something really funny (sometimes called an eye-opener) about smoking.

This one seems to be a long week. Its only Thursday, still.
Salaries Credited, and EMIs debited. What a balanced life im having.. Phew !


Karthik said...

Talking about ringtones, anyone knows if I can get "lakka lakka lakka" ;) for a Motorola C650 anywhere?

keerthi said...

hey Jeevs. C650 plays MP3 ringtones !

Anonymous said...

Landed in your blog thro a search for Harivarasanam song!!

It would be great if you can send the song's link or the mp3 to!!

Incidentally, I also read lazy geek's blog quite regularly..

Villain said...

hey any chance can i get the harivarasanam song in mp3... i am not actually interested ina ringtone but the actual song... thanks

Anonymous said...

Reached ur blog while searching the web for the MP3 version of Harivarasanam by K.J.Yesudas. There is also a coolgoose link that u've mentioned, but d song no longer exists there. Would b g8 if u cld pls eMail me that MP3 @