Thursday, June 02, 2005

Robotica !

June Digit is now on Stands. 3 CDs, 1 Book, 1 DVD and normal Digit Magazine. All for Rs. 200. Go Get 'em now,.

Do you recognize any of these. You'd have seen it somewhere.

Jack was facing this problem, and most of us are **ssed off with this technology.

DO you have an idea, of why this is there at place. Here's answer.

If you are viewing this site, you should be a decently educated omputer literate. And you would know what is called SPAM.

Web definition for SPAM - An inappropriate attempt to use a mailing list, or USENET or other networked communications facility as if it was a broadcast medium by sending the same message to a large number of people who didn't ask for it. Mass junk E-mail.

However, SPAM is not just on emails. Its everywhere. People are trying to misuse features, whenever there is a loophole.

Keep aside SPAM, and come to ROBOTs.

Robots are tools available for your computer, that will help you fill out forms. You would have entered your name and email address millions of times, to get anything and everything on net. So, these programs, have an intelligence to read out what the page is all about, and fill them out, while you are at convenience.

So, what ?? well, you could design a script and employ a Robot, and create One Million Yahoo! email IDs on one day. Thats called a different kind of Spam. - Spam O Spam !! (kidding... i dont know what it is called.)

To prevent that, the domains and sites put up this technology, which Generate Dynamic text, and put them scrambled up, so that Robot programs cannot correctly recognize the words. Only Humans can. Thats the magnificiency of Human Minds.

For example, look at the first scrambled text on the picture. "STRIUMB". Robots will read them as "SHRMB". So, they would fail in their attempts to Spam the domain.

This is how, Computer programs break Computer Programs.


thennavan said...

Aaga moththam vallavanukku vallavan vaiyagaththil undu.

Nagesh vasanam MMKR le recall pannanumnaa "yaen Sir, machine ai nambareenga, manushanai namba maattengareengale". Intha technology manushargalai nambi irukku, adanaal idhu vaazhga :-)

tt_giant said...

its only a matter of time someone breaks this too. advancements in OCR and image processing have been tremendous.

tom chases jerry, spike chases tom.