Sunday, June 19, 2005

Saga Comes to an End

A Three Year Saga comes to an end. Metti Oli is ended, and has created a Vaccum on Sun TV. Ususally, a good running serial is abruptly ended and people take a mind-set that no serial can replace that one. Later, after a few weeks, they start depending on the next serial. This has been the trend, ever since Mega Serials started capturing Prime Time.

The Last serial I ever watched was Chiththi. I really loved it, and think no other serial has a better screen play as that one. I ocassionaly watch Unjal on Vijay TV starring SPB Charan and others. It had a good pace. But then, its been half a year since i Stopped watching TV.

Nyways, as far as Tamilnadu is concerned, there is no Cable TV... it is only SUN TV.
"Unga veetula SUN TV connection koduththaacha ??" is the usual dialogue.

Looks like "Muhurtham" is occupying the Metti Oli slot, from tomorrow.

Vaazhga Valamudan... !


thennavan said...

I saw it a little bit over here since I have SunTV but it was "azhugai supreme" :-) so didn't feel like seeing it further. Let's see if Muhurtham is going to be different or another tear-jerker.

thennavan said...
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Prakash said...

thank god its finished. ( just kidding)I also liked chiththi. but after that it all got boring and follow the same pattern.
my parents back home go to sleep at 12 bcos of thess dramas,
all these dramas great if u r old and retired or house wife.
now its SELVI's turn

Murthy said...

Go to for latest updates on suntv shows.