Friday, June 17, 2005

Saturday Sunrise

With every Sunshine of a fresh Saturday, well, You get Karthik's Photo on my blog.
[Did you expect a poem !! Gotcha !! Write back what you feel, and click the pic for a bigger version]

As promised, Karthik has sent a pic he took in Wisconsin (but the promise was for last saturday). Nice Pic, isn't it ?


Ajay Ram said...

Hi Keerthi... Firt time in your Blog.. got linked from LazyGeek's site..
Awesome pic! Got set as my wallpaper. BTW, where in Wisconsin is this pic take from? Am closer to WI, so..

Thanks for the good work. :)

Karthik said...

Hi Ajay,

This is Karthik. Thanks for the comments. I am just starting out into photography and such comments help me do better ;).

As far as the location goes, I shot that in the Wisonsin Dells area...


Shanky said...

Hi Karthik

Sooper pic... awesome spot chosen and a nice take with ur camera..