Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Save Your Summer ! Build your own AC

Here's an interesting read, and an amazing invention made by a student of an unknown university.

He has made an Air Conditioner from a Table Fan. This is the need of the Hour in Chennai. You wont belive, Chennai is still burning under a very angry Sun, and the Air Conditioner shops are rocking their business. They would have won their credits.

Well, if you cant really afford a AC, or if you are a Try-IT-On kid, then give this a try.

[ctsy - BoingBoing ]

Yep ! This is what your AC would look like, if you could make it.
Read more on how to make this thing work, HERE. Trust me, you dont want to miss this.

More nag : Anniyan is all set to release on 17th of this month.(Is that day after tomorrow !!)

There is a new discovery, in case you didnt know. UC Berkeley planet hunter Geoff Marcy and his colleagues have discovered the most Earth-like extrasolar planet ever seen. Click here to read more.

I once discovered a planet, but no one agreed to accept. What to do, Great men are Ignored initially (or, is it always ??).


tt_giant said...

brrr.. looking at the copper wires makes me nervous. I recall getting a "shock" when I was playing with a train set.. looong time ago.

I think this has to be done with the help of an electrician.

thennavan said...

Namma oorula AC-nnaale thani madippu thaan (puriyumnu ninaikkaren)


keerthi said...

Deepak, that should have been a shocking experience ;)

thennavan, oru madhiri puriyudhu !! puriyadha madhiriyum irukku !