Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Small Computer of 1979

This is a picture of a Smallest Computer, designed for the Businessman. It occupies half of the room, unlike todays' businessman's Laptop that doesnt even occupy 1/3rd of his lap.

It is really interesting to read the book called "How It Works...The Computer". This book was published first in 1971 and then revised in 1979. There is not much enormous difference between the two editions. Technology was not at that pace, as it is now. Take a look at the same page of 1979's edition here.

The book also contains, various technologies used in computers, and is really humorous, the way it is written, when related to today's environment. Give it a read - here.

It is really amazing the way, computers advance in terms of technology. My computer One year old, is completely old. All its components has upgrades, and all of them are increased in capability, and reduced in size.

New SATA hard disks are incompatiable with my Computer. I need different Bus wires (Im not even sure if it will recognize). CD-ROM drive costs Rs. 700/- only. Just 5 years back, a floppy Drive used to cost more than Rs. 1500/- and now it is just Rs. 150/-. Understand that the cost reduction is mainly due to consumption. The entire world is consuming the Computer machine at amazing throttle.

In two more years, Mobile computing will reach its peak (My predictions sometimes work).

By the way, June 30th today. End of Six months in 2005. Did you realize, or were you busy ?


Krithiga said...

June 30th, yes, now I remember why I feel so mournful today. It could have been six months from the date of broadband activation, rather than six months from January, seeing as many didn't get their account activated not later than march (I got mine in Feb), no one got to enjoy the whole six months.

Narayanan Venkitu said...

Thanks for all the links.!

Technology changes by the minute. I am looking at the Processor speeds today for home computers..!! Even big businesses couldn't have these once upon a time.

Look at the price for Hard disks/Memory..! Dirt cheap.!

keerthi said...

Krithika, you know some good Oppari song.. please mail me.. i feel like crying out an Oppari for the loss..

Venkittu Sir, very true.. 200 GB HDD is just Rs .6700