Thursday, June 09, 2005

Still Life

[ctsy - Gizmodo ]

Look at this camera from Casio. This should be the slimmest I've ever seen. It is a 5 Mega Pixel camera, and promises a feature of Anti-Shake. Guess it wouldnt show the wavering imasges, when your camera shakes at the last moment. I did not get more informations about this camera. The Casio site is in Japanese. Somebody please send me a link.

Attended Siva's wedding in Royapuram. Looked like I was circling entire Chennai yesternight. Never seen those places. Also, it was heaven to see the Harbour via that bridge across the Harbour.

Siva came on a Charriot (I've only seen Queen Elizabeth climb such a thing..) with Manmadha Raasa on the Music Band. Marriages are somthing beyond ordinary. Siva cut the cake, and one photo session with the Bride. Vidu Joot. Everyone climbed up the podium, gave the gift and rushed to the food mall(hall actually). Very good food. No great numbers, but limited high quality food. Long Live Shiva.

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