Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Tag Musique !

Ram.C Music Tagged me. That means, I would have to list down my Inventory and songs that I personally like. You should understand the essence of this.

Musique - aka Music has been my dream. I still long to have a Surround Bose speakers in the Home-Theatre room of my house (which doesnt exist.. this is another dream, eh). Crystal Clear Music - im a big fan of that. With Beautiful sound systems, you will be able to appreciate "Kaadu Potta Kaadu" from Karuththamma, which is also one of my personal favourite.

It is close to difficult to rate the songs, when there atre abundant. Yet these are the songs still in my memory.

No. of albums I own:
When it comes to buying Albums, I only buy Classical Music. My Interest varies from Small Thukuda Songs to Huge Keerthana's either Tamil or Telugu( I dont understand Telugu). So, Im not counting the Albums I own. I have a Big collection in the Form of Cassettes, and few in the form of CDs and many in the form of MP3s, all Carnatic.

On Movies, i have a appreciably big 7GB collection of Tamil and Hindhi MP3s. That should be huge. Selected Olden songs to Recent past, all movies take a good place on my Playlist.

Last Album that I bought:
I cannot forget the most recent Album purchase. I bot "Swagatham Krishna" by Piththukuli Murugadas, in Conne-Xions. On my way back, I met with a major accident and was on bed for 3 months all. All the 3 months i was listening to Piththukuli, and it was heaven.

Give it a try. Last Album I downloaded was Anniyan and Kana Kandein. Two good things I'm still chewing.

Currently Listening to:
"Kaalai Arumbi Pagalellaam Podhagi, Maalai Malarum Innoy !!"

A melody from Kana Kandein, is rocking my ears. Have you had this strange feeling, that when you hear one song in the morning, you will be Humming the song the whole day. I was Humming "Kaalayil Thinamum Kan Vizhiththaal Naan Kai Thozhum Devadhai Amma !" from New yesterday.

Albums that I'd want to take with me if I am alone on an Island:
I wouldnt wish that would happen. And if it did, the music I'd like to accompany are a few Sudha Raghunathan and KJ Yesudas. Of course, Illayaraja's 80's Hits and AR Rahman's 90's Hits will always be there.

Songs that you are most likely to hear me sing or hum (Song – Movie / Singer(s) / MD):
You could easily spot me singing one melody from any AR Rahman song. I very often humm these songs.

Telephone Manipol ! - A beautiful piece of improvization from AR Rahman. It contains all elements of music, and probably 200+ layers on Frooty Loops.

Vaathaapi Ganapathim - A Master-piece song performed by KJ Yesudas (I used to call him Jesudas, in childhood !). This is a very big song when sung, but actually a very small song when written.

Karunai Theivame Karpagame ! - Unnikrishnan will melt in your ears, when you listen this song. It easily wins your humming just on one time hear.

Uyirum Neeye - I guess this one is sung by Srinivas, it is a very unpopular song, but very Scintiallating (because i humm it very often).

Pa Sa Ni Sa - (Sounds Crazy ??) If someone humms this close to you, just approach him blindly and say "Hello Mr. Keerthivasan". Im the only person in the world that humms this beautiful piece from Bombay. I dont know why, but I do this often when Iam checking Lotus Notes mails.

Raasaathi Unnai - Chocolate Cake Song by Jeyachandiran - Ilayaraja. Beautiful song.

Favorite Singer(s):
In order of Priorities I give to listen, these are my favourite Singers.

Piththukuli Murugadas
Sudha Raghunathan
KJ Yesudas
Karthik - Sriram Parthasarathy
Vijay Siva - if you dont know this person, you better know a musical genius.

Im just skipping the Favorite Lines section. I will do it separately, on a separate post.

Now comes the best part.

I am tagging my fellow Bloggers, for Musique Tag.

Lazygeek - a person who shows great interest in Music, and most of all Lyrics.
Kiruba - He likes music too.
Iyengar - You should know about him
Senthil - The Jack of all is good for Music
Prabhu - I think he is on vacation
Krithika - very Optimistic person

This one brought good memories of very good songs. Thanks Ram..
This is to anyone who wants to Put up their list, pick up this tag. (Never mind, its not a link).


Ram.C said...

actually, it is difficult to restrict the numbers... I can understand that you had squeezed within the available length... good collection.

Anbu said...

Just visited your site Flash things are great...But the pics of grahapravesham link takes me to home page...

Why dont you blog in your site instead of blogspot???

Krithika said...

Er... this shouldn't be difficult. I am not very keen on listening to music, only a select few. So will try and put it up soon. Cheers.

Kaps said...

Can relate to your experience with Kalayil Dhinamum and Kaalai Arumbi songs. I also like them a lot.

I haven't heard of Sriram Parthasarathy...what songs has he sung so far?

I thought there is a Pa Sa Ni Sa humming in Jeans as well....i am not aware of this Bombay piece.

Good assortment. Ram has tagged me as well...plan to complete it by this weekend.

keerthi said...

Anbu, thanks for dropping in . Apologies for the broken links. This one is not fully evolved. I need to take a long vacation, to sit down concentrate and move this blog to

krithika, go ahead and start listening good music.

kaps, Jeans has Nisa Ree Sa (thats a good one too). Sriram Parthasarthy sang Ilangaathu Veesudhe from Pithamagan. Ok, Now you would remember.