Monday, June 20, 2005


I read a fact book that said, a average person in the Software field, depends on 270 computers a day, directly or indirectly. Right from the Home computer, The database that validates your Swipe Card, your eMail server, Windows Server, Mainframe Server, Proxy, ISP, Yahoo Server, Google Server, Blogger (WOW) server and my list keeps going.

I was wondering too much of dependancy, in a very short span of time. More than two hundred computers, phew, thats a fanatic number. How did we grow this big and wide. It was 1995, when we never even thought it would be like this. I saw a computer only in 1997. And in just 7 years, I cannot measure the exponential growth.

We send emails to the next seat person (Peer ?). We chat with people within the office. We SMS a person standing in front. Technology is certainly a Complan Boy.

It has now become that I could always be reachable on Yahoo or MSN or atleast on GMail. I would give an Instantaneous reply. Iam online from morning 5 AM till 10 PM. After that I sleep with a Cell Phone on my bed. Damn ! Have i gone so busy. Very simply, NO !

Im not busy, or very necessarily an important person. But these are technologies available for me. I subscribe a broadband connection, and that facilitates me a 24 hour -always on (as Dayanidhimaran says).

I assume this exponential growth will take us somewhere, when we will mock at ourselves for being so Tech-Savvy.

Off talk - See if you can understand this picture ?? A man watching a Game Video.

[ctsy - BoingBoing]


Prakash said...

yes true and slowly we are getting addicted to these techno stuff.about 4 years back i saw a guy who will not go to even toilet with out his mobile and i thought he is crazy....but damn how much i have changed....
anyway ur picture is cool man

Narayanan Venkitu said...

Machines are taking over our lives...true.

Its only left to one's imagination to see what might happen in the next decade.!

Good one...the man watching the Video-game.

Anonymous said...

Technology is supposed to facilitate you to do your work faster so that you can live your life better... If you understand that, I dont think there is any conflict...

'Spend more time on life and less time online'


keerthi said...

thanks Prakash.. BTW are you taking the mobile to the toilet now >?>?

Venkittu sir, i cant really imagine what will happen in 4 years time..

Sai, heard this quote from some Beer company.. "Life is Calling.. Where are YOU ?"