Saturday, June 25, 2005

Thaththu(Piththu)vam !

"Everyone is someone's fool" - I dont know who said this, but I really adore this quote.

Albert Einstein was a fool to his Girl Friend.
Mahatma Gandhi was a Villain to the Englishmen.

This post comes out of a comment section from Thennavan's ChennaiCentral.

Everyone of us have show a different faces to different people. We are a sincere worker to the Boss, but a lathorgic person at home. We are a monster to the next door kid.

Even if we are a soft-natured person, we are mis-understood as a rough guy by atleast someone. Thats because we do not completely adopt a theme, and follow that as our Character. We exhibit on-the-fly emotions. We react differently to the same sequences. Thats Human Nature.

We yell atleast at some person. We are rude to some, without our knowledge. We are impressing some at the same time. We are not a algorithm. Our emotions are not hard and fast. Emotions are better left uncontrolled. I suggest you adapt just one word in your life...

Let Go !

"Let go", is the principle (or the non-principle) is take in my life. If you feel like shouting and crying, and screaming and laughing loud, and yelling, and slapping, and throwing things .. whatever you feel like ... do it. DO IT.

I am amazed at a few yoga and other classes trying to teach us to - "Control Emotions !" why on earth should a human control emotions. Why should you not show your anger, when you actually are. Just because you want to be good. Revise your thoughts.. come on. You are angry, and you are blessed with expressions, Show it !

Thats why you would be someone's fool, but that doesnt really matter. Or Does it ?


thennavan said...

Keerthi, enakku therinju Yoga class le appadi solraangalaa enna. They just want you to come to a point where indha salanangal (which is what emotions are, they are like the waves on the surface of the ocean) adangi, aazh-kadal amaidhi nilaikku poradhukku prepare panra payirchigalai merkollanumnu. Emotions are not to be bottled up and corked down but at some stage we have to "let go" of emotions themselves :-) (andha Yoga nilamai adainjaa naama yaen blog pannindu irukkom appo?) :-)

keerthi said...


Let Go of emotions is not Forgo emotions.

Whatever emotions strike you, do not control it.
You are sitting in a room of managers, and you cannot control laughter, let go and laugh.
You dont get dignity by controlling emotions.
You would see great people on media, laugh and cry awkwardly.. they just dont control their emotions.

By the way, it is my mistake to have laid an emphasis on Yoga Classes. I just doid not mean Yoga classes,
But many sources, that claim meditation to control emotions like anger, to control sorrow... and so on.

We blog because we have emotions. We express them.
We hate Ganguly, even though we cant play like him. We express the hate...
We use the blog for expressing news and commentary.

enna sollareenga, thennavan !.
Im just writing what i think, sorry, if im not to the point (many times Iam not).

thennavan said...

You are right about letting go of them "as they strike you" but the quest of all Yogis and Rishis has been "how to get out of the oscillations caused by emotions" so that itself means it was an "out of the box" thinking by them. Adaavadu, indha saadaarana manushya viruppu veruppugalai thaandi poga mudiyumaa and appadi ponaa andha nilai epperpatta nilainu. Adhai paarthavanga realized it is a much better state of being that what they saw before but it becomes a "deva rahasyam" or "siddha rahasyam" since "vindaar kandadhillai" and "kandaar vindadhillai" (those who saw don't speak and those who speak haven't seen) :-)