Thursday, June 16, 2005

There is an Anniyan next to you

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I like this photo of Anniyan better than anything (because it fits my CSS).
News - Anniyan - The Much expected block buster is out on Silver Screens. If you are a Vikram fan, this is your busiest day. Watch the movie First Day First Show at Sathyam or Many other theatres it is releasing in.

Forget all the stories you heard about Anniyan, and watch this movie blank. Im sure Shankar would not Disappoint us. There is one man's life at Stake - Oscar Films Ravichandran. Today is his Dooms day, where we decide if the movie is good or bad. Huge Crores of money has been put into this (Im not sure if it is worth it).

I heard somwhere, that Anniyan did not get any sponsors, because they did not want anybody to Sponsor and Advertise with Anniyan. But since a few days, I watched a Anniyan hoarding, sponsored by Lalitha Jewellery. (Pic was nice.. damn i dont have a Digital Camera !!)

Did you infer something strange. Movie Producers make films for people, spending millions. After that, they wait for the Public Decision. This fear is missing in Politics. Actually, and Ironically, the fear should be there in Politics, and Politicians should have a darn Commitment like what Movie Producers have.

AM Rathnam is committed to give good movies, and he strives hard to keep his standards. Why is a Politician not committed to doing good to people.

I see only difference. Movie producers put money, hire a responsible Director, who in turn takes great care in putting Artists people like, and Technicians that are reliable. But a Political leader, doesnt care who is underneath him. He just worries about who is above him, and how to reach that position.

How would it look like, if we ask politicians to Spend their own money to do Reforms to public OUT OF THEIR OWN MONEY, and later after Five years Re-Imburse them, with Incentives, depending on the Performance of their Governance. This way, the Politician is urged to produce results in his time, and get more money based on the Deeds, he had committed.

I understand, that this wouldn't happen and it is a crazy idea.., But hey !!! I just gave Shankar another new Story to make.


Jacky said...

A friend of mine just called to say Anniyan will be the first film that shouldn't be called a Shankar film. It was just Indian 2 and Vikram pulls it off all by himself.

thennavan said...

I saw Ram's review also. I think bloggers like you are doing a much better job out there than the so-called "critics".

Adaengappa !! said...

Keerthi..Neenga film paarthutu oru review waiting to watch this film here..

Thanks !!

keerthi said...

jacky, thats exactly what everyone says..hope it is a hit.

thennavan, thats right. the collective perceptions will give the right review.

Prabhu, im yet to get the tickets. only next week !

Anonymous said...

East or West Vikram is the best.
It is a wonder how Vikram could act like this.
Anniyan is the best movie in the world

Anonymous said...

Anniyan is the most excellent movie in the world. Vikram is the best actor in the world.

Anonymous said...

Vikram is the king of all actors in the world