Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Useful Information (Quite rare to find useful info on this blog, uh !!)

Mobile puncture service for both two wheelers and four wheelers within Chennai who operates 24 hrs :- 9382819164. Just give them a call if your vehicle is punctured anywhere in Chennai, they would reach the place within 10 mins. They do not charge anything more than the ordinary puncture shops.

I verified this, before putting it on. They seem good. Information Source - Sudharsan Srikanthan


Kaps said...

I think Chakra had mentioned this in his site. Good to know about it. Will pass it on to a few friends.

lavsubbu said...

is it true ? i still think there is some catch in it.

thennavan said...

It will be nice to bring all road repairs into an umbrella organization like we have AAA here (Automobile Association of America) and with just an annual membership fee, they can avail of emergency road repairs including towing, trip maps with routing, regular maps at a discount and also discount at hotels and car rentals. It is an unexplored but exciting area of opportunity for India.

Karthik said...

Chakra blogged about it sometime back. See