Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Whoopa ! You Commented well.

Different people seemed to have different take on the Entrance Exam take-away. Take a look at the Comment section of the previous Post, and you will now. Interestingly, few (or more) of the points were to be accepted. Deepak, Krithika, Shailendra and Anbu had issues against it, and they have a valid reason for it.

Nyways, Like it or not. The law is made.

See if you can Appreciate the following.

[ctsy - BugBash ]

This was an effort that started two Mondays back, and Kiruba had put a link on it. I watched them for the past two weeks, and guess it might grow up to be a Dilbert. I subscribe for Daily Dilbert, and enjoy the fun. As Dilbert is for Management and Middle Management, BugBash is for Techno- Software guys. You should like it, if you are a Software Engineer by any chance.

You could even subscribe for this Cartoons. Click here for BugBash and Here for Dilbert.

Anything Special ?? Middle of weeks are damn boring.


Kaps said...

I think you have given the wrong link for Shailendra's blog. You might wish to delete this comment after you rectify the link.

keerthi said...

No Kaps, it was intentional. Shylu doesnt blog but have posted on this blog. Mile Sur Mera Thumara was his post.