Friday, June 08, 2007

Why and Why Not !

The post below was written approximately two years before (June 2005).. I dont know how much I've changed in the two years, but the post still remain intriguing.. Wonder whatever happened to Latha, but what she had said is starting to make sense.


After I commented on Lazygeek about the availablity of Ponniyin Selvan on a Acrobat format, i got introduced to Latha, one of the last three mentioned on Lazygeek's book-tagging post. That was then, I read few of her posts, and they were good (and really big.)

So, i mailed her a "Why you should Blog" mail. I got back a "Why You Should not Blog" Call.

Here's the verdict.

"You do not blog, because what begins as a self-know habit ends up as write-for-others commitment. Two transformations - habit to commitment and self to others. You have to be careful about others reactions, so, you restrict yourself and restrict your content. You take things politically, and start acting formally. You end up being someone else, living in a virtual world. So, I better stick to reality."

Whoopa ! Any responses guys ?


Ram.C said...

Definitely, I agree with some of the points, that we are tailoring our words to suit others sentiments.

After I got some critical comments, from some one that I had hurt their sentiments, I realised that they are correct.

But, I hv taken it with good spirit. Just because, you want to write you cannot hurt others. Communication need to be polite. But it should not stop free flow of thoughts.

However, free thought is once again a perception. The limit depends on each one's attitude. If a person thinks that he had already censored critical words in his blog, I may still feel that he is too much.

Did I confuse a lot? I will go for restricted free thoughts...(an Oxymoron)

thennavan said...

I have always been a rebel - "en vazhi thani vazhi" - even before that phrase became popular :-)

As people who have been reading my posts know, I don't mince words and always speak what's on my mind. Although what "the verdict" says may be true for people wanting to be conformists, in the case of people like me, that concept doesn't hold water. But, like Cho, while I do not mind what others think of me when I write, yet I don't use profanities or other negative expressions in my posts because even in real life, I do not curse, swear, use foul language etc.

So, as long as someone is honest with themselves, they will be ok blogging.

Latha said...

hey keerthi vambule maati vittutinga.... guys/gals, pls read "why shudnt you blog" as "why I do not want to blog".... Blogging, as i see it, needs a level of emotional maturity & striking a balance of restricting oneself to forming an opinion abt a generic issue and delicately handling the personal matters without making it public... one person who is being extremely successful with that is Lazy. if i do not have that balance, then i might end up converting the blog into my personal dairy and end up writing abt my heartbreaks and fights with my mom & start looking for sympathy & support from a bunch of virtual people....Dont wanna develop a split personality & write about wonderful stuff when in reality i am going thro hell, or vice versa.. guess i am making it too complicated... well.. my few cents... :-)

keerthi said...

Damaal = Split Personality.

Ram, Thennavan, and Latha. I am just a take-it-easy blogger. But I surely learnt a lesson today.
This is my phase to learn and adapt.

Let me see, where i go from here.

Latha, assume apologies from me, in case something got hurt using your names here.

Krithika said...

No offence meant, I agree with what she says as "self-know" habit becomes "write-for-others" commitment. Because I'm sure every other blogger wishes to see some comment participation and when comments trickle in, (except maybe in a few cases) people get tepmted to write what prompts interaction with fellows from the Blogosphere. But then, if blog is to be avoided, so is leading a social public life with people, say in an apartment. In real life, we do bear in mind how a spoken word might go in with people who are listening. With family at least we speak of such topics that are bound to go with the rest, to something which they can offer a comment or two on. It works that way. Interactions in life are unavoidable. If it's perfectly sane to talk to family, friends, colleagues etc., then I see no reason why people shouldn't do the same in their blog. Don't we all make compromises in real life? Not with our ideas, no, maybe not, but with some practices? And don't we all make compromises with the 'self-know' thing i.e. spending time with the self than with the rest. Meeting people in real life is unavoidable, unless one's living in some castaway island. That'd be fine for a while, but I feel I'd die if I don't interact.

Aravind said...

If you do blogging as a self-know habit, I m not sure why I should worry about whether i hurt others or not. If you are writing for others, it is closer to journalism, so better be careful. Further, it is nice to be critically analyzed, commented and even scolded. After all, how can life be interesting and enriching without knowing the "other" point of view.

keerthi said...

krithika, thats the beauty of blogging. Well, im finding trouble in understanding things here. it should take some time to get clarity.

aravind, if you take it as a perception thats fine. but perception is not always visible. it is dangerously close to arguement.

Balakumar said...


Unrelated to this specific topic. But could you send me the pdfs of "Ponniyin Selvan" please?

(mailbala AT gmail)

Anonymous said...

Hai keerthi,

Could u pls. upload ponniyinselvan pdf's?

With Regards


narayanan said...

dei romba philosophical'a yosikkadhe da. you keep doing what you are good at. after all its your satisfaction that matters and not anyone else.

just take comments/criticisms that makes some sense.