Friday, July 22, 2005

Ah Aah - Musical Pulambal

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SJ Surya should have had a very bad adoloscent times. Or he is yet to come out of it. I've not watched his new movie yet, but then listening to the tracks of Ah Aah makes me think, this guy has a very narrow thought process.

Last week, we had a discussion among our friends, about the depth of Rahman's music. We were listening to Uzhavan, one of his earlier movies. How much concentration he has given to it, even though it was not his mainline. But now, Rahman appears in vey few movies, and the music doesnt show any depth. Ayutha Ezhuththu was just a Frooty Loops mixture, easy composition (of course voices were doing magic instead of the music).

In Ah Aah, Rahman is forced to do music for a semi-porn songs. And he hasnt concentrated even like "New". Few songs in "New" were mesmirising, but this one is bad.

Someone on has said "Ah Aah music Sucks". Very true.

Please Rahman, We are missing quality music for quite sometime... Please !


Jacky said...

Hmm...Ayutha Ezuthu wasn't bad at all. I don't know how many MDs can seamlessly mix James Bond type of husky humming to an energetic melody Kalla vizhigalil kan kothi senraye. I think it breaks the conventional pattern so it gets an average rating. Same was the case with Thee Thee titikum Thee from Thiruda Thiruda ... many of my friends didn't like it then but later admitted it was one of Rahman's best.
Ah Aah is as bad as it can get though Mayiliragey is the only saving point.

Narayanan Venkitu said...

I listened to it the last 2 days...not very impressive.!

My friends are all raving about it..not me.!

Come on ARR - What happened to you?

Vinesh said...

First time checkin out your blog!
Awesome stuff man!! :-)

Liked all your posts!!

keerthi said...

Jacky, Ayutha Ezhuthu wasnt bad. I didnt say that. I will be a sinner to say the mesmirising song "Nenjamellam Kadhal" and "Sandai Kozhi" were not up to the mark. The Humming from ARRahman in Fanaaa was hair-koocheris. But then, after all thi, what im talking about is the depth of the music. The support he used to give the vocals no longer exist. Would like you to listen to "pennalla pennalla " from Uzhavan where even before the Vocals start Rahman would have exhibitted the beauty of dark piano and flute. Of course Thee Thee from Thiruda Thiruda was good. But cmon, thats not one of his best.

Venkittu sir, thats right. Looks like rahman is in a fix. wish he comes back.

Vinesh KS, thanks a lot dude. thank you very much.

Jacky said...

I get your point about Uzhavan. It was amazing and it followed a typical pattern which we're used to a lot by other MDs though with different/relevant instruments of their time. Some directors deliberately tweak the song while Maniratnam gives importance to his themes. In AE the theme was contemporary and Rahman was awesome in putting new sounds without compromising the cross-over appeal.
Last time he did something similar was in Mr.Romeo – Yar athu song or Bailamore – Kadhal Virus. But they weren't received well. My point is AE is experimental, some may like it, some may not but it certainly wasn't a half-hearted effort.

lavsubbu said...

you are right Keerthi! Ah..Aah sucks big time. This S.j.surya has nothing in his mind except for such adult thoughts...reflected in all his songs...
Surya, take a break dude!

tt_giant said...

Havent heard it yet. Been mesmerized by IR's Thiruvaasagam.

Has ARR lost his magic?

keerthi said...

Jacky, I would have accepted your point ( I still do ) if Boys came after AE. Biys and AE had background similarities, and reuses. Nyways, AE was excellent in terms of Vocals. Of course, there are a lot of Rahman's songs that didnt get the appreciation they deserve.

Lavsubbu, exactly. New was equally bad (it seems.. i never saw it) but the music was too good..

deepak.. Im glad you like thiruvasagam. which song do you like the most ? (mine is Poovaerkum Purantharanum)

tt_giant said...

Yea, the third song (IR and Bavatharini) is very good. I also like the "maasarusodhi.." stanza and the preceding one in the second song a lot.. he is a genius, isn't he?

Kaps said...

NEW is among my all time favourites...i like it inspite of all the SJ Suryah gimmicks.

IMO Ah Aah is not all that ad....i like Anbe Aaruyire and Marangothiye / mayiliragey song. ARR is a close friend of Suryah and he can't refuse requests by Suryah. Hence ARR might hv not given his best. In course of time, the songs are likely to become a hit.