Sunday, July 03, 2005

Anniyan - Still on Talk

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Thanks to Ram. C for indicating such an Interview on Vijay TV. I was watching TV for this programme. It was "Madhan's Thiraipparvai", a program where Madan reviews a movie along with the director.

Shankar answered to most of Madan's Questions in the most descriptive way, starts describing the effort he put on for the movie. It was making sense to listen to his answers, and his justification for the movie was acceptable. We can understand, that Shankar has already got the message many reviews have given.

He says " I wanted to make a stunt that never existed in tamil cinema. So, the idea of fighting Karate men was conceived. And the Stunt was extra-ordinary. But then.. people see it and just like that say 'Dho da.. Matrix scene copy..' . But I have put a lot of efforts in creating that scene. The 360 degree camera used to be only Horizontal in Matrix, I wanted it vertical. The Camera guys were stunned and said that it was not possible. But then, I made them make it nearly vertical, making an Oval round.. we threw Real Sadha (no doops) and took a shot, that was never a part of any Indian movie."

WoW ! It is really amazing when I realize the effort put to take that shot. Really Amazing Mr. Shankar. You deserve a great applause for that. But people wont go back to theatres to see that shot alone, would they ?

Shankar, Kamalhaasan and few great people have this Bad tendency to use Technology because it exists. Please use technology if you need them, only if you need them. Makes it Boring.

Use of graphics in a movie, is to hide the truth.. and make people believe it is real. "Pachchai Nirame " song from Alaipayuthey is a clear example of how well a graphics can be done. Many dont realize how the colors were manipulated and made real-like. But Shankar uses graphics just for the fun of having it. Please come out of it.

Shankar also said that most of the important scenes were cut off considering the huge length of the movie. Phew ! Wonder what would have happened if they were not.


Jacky said...

Well said. Back in 93, Prabhu deva shedding some graphical tear drops was looked with awe. From then it went to bad and now worse. Graphics in boys were pathetic. Why would I wanna see an animated Word help kinda character in the song Girlfriend? I'd any day prefer to watch a real pretty-face! Probably Shankar feels that's his identity with the masses.

keerthi said...

thats right Jack..
they make a mature movie childish..
Akkada song in Indian would have been a lot better and absolutely brilliant, if it had no graphics content.

Ram.C said...

now, I know the reasons for the jumping screenplay....

keerthi said...

Ram. C, screenplay was not the only one thing jumping.. there were many more jumping.. (did you notice ?? heh !)

tt_giant said...

i think the paramapadam snakes in mudhalvane song takes the prize for wasted graphics effort.

keerthi said...

oh Yes Deepak .. What a beautiful song from Shankar Mahadevan and Janaki. Useless / Childish picturization. I dont think many people were amused.

Guruprasad said...

I read long back in Vikatan. In one of the interviews with PC Sreeram, a question was posed to him asking about the graphics in 'Pachai miramay' song, and he simply responded saying Nature has lot of graphics in itself
Interpretation I derived was, we dont need to do something like graphics in the song. Whatever that was shot was natural.
Fact in your blog is different.

keerthi said...

Guruprasad, I've heard Mani talk about the song, and the way he used Color Tint, and adding richness to a color and removing shades from a color. The way I define computer Graphics, which is not related to Animation, is editing a frame of a movie, and adding or removing elements to it, by the use of Computer program.. in this case filters were used.

Shankar had attempted it in Kumari song, but it is not perfect.. not even close to tolerable.