Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Avyukta Zeitgest

Google puts on the Zeitgeist for May 2005 - India. The Top Ten Searches of May 2005 by the Indians.

1. Sania Mirza
2. Aishwarya Rai
3. CBSE Results
4. CAT
5. Kingfisher Airlines
6. Harry Potter
7. ICSE results
8. John Abraham
9. maruti swift
10. kerela

My friend Madan will praise me forever, for posting up Mirza madam's picture. He is such a fan of Sania Mirza, that he switched his huge area of interest from Cricket to Tennis. Many of my friends, like Madan, have started being fans of Sania Mirza, in no time. I dont want to discuss the credibility of holding such a fan-club, and Is Sania Worth it.. No.. let me not talk about it, and win the ultimate hatred from Madan. (Actually he will kill me).

But the whole point is in Google Search, most of the Indians have searched for Sania Mirza. Thats an achievement one has done, in his life (in her life). How would you feel to be in the top of the searches. All the internet browsers searching for your details. Thats the proudest feeling.

Of course, veerappans name was there during the assasination. We dont want that kind of fame.

By the way, Down the list we find Maruthi Swift in the list. That car thats zooming in Chennai. Looks like the Car is a hit model. It looks really cute in my eyes. But few say it look s awkward. I personally adore the car. It looks like the Volkswagen Beetle. Small and cuty.

Dear God, are you watching ?


capriciously_me said...

so, u want god to give u sania or maruti? ;)

keerthi said...

Capriciously you,

What will i do with Sania, i jus need Maruthi (am I the only innocent creature on this world)

Jacky said...

The swift is yuck! It looks like a painted Frog.

keerthi said...

Jacky, you just broke my heart. $ 250.

Jacky said...

Hmm...That's unthinkable for a guy who is driving a car with a broken bumper.

sai thilak said...

hhmmmm ,God let not Sania to become Anna kournikova - 2 .

The One said...

Talking about Google (not Sania or the Swift), check out http://moon.google.com, adanga maatanunga ivanunga!

lavsubbu said...

Whats "Kingfisher Airlines" doing in that list ? Its just outta place :)

வெங்கி / Venki said...

capriciously_me probably keerthi needs God to give Sania in that Maruthi.

keerthi, lol, I can see how innocent you are from your profile photo....

Narayanan Venkitu said...

Sania, Yeah, she looks pretty and can also play well...Rare combo from India....Umm...women.! Anyone prettier.? I don't know.

Keerthi - What will you do with Sania? enna kelvi idhu..!!

Wonderful opportunity for you to learn tennis.! So...! Good Luck.!

keerthi said...

Saithilak, Sania and Anna Kournikova, chancey illay.

Mr. One, that was a good one. Adangave maattaanunga. When i zoomed in completely, all i was able to see was Cheese.

Lavsubbu, kingfisher was launched during that time, and it was a hype at that time. (Kingfisher airlines is also searched for one tweaky reason.. guess what ?)

Venki, Waw ! Intentions are very clear. Thanks, BTW read venkittu sir's comments.. you will understand that there is another innocent guy over here.

venkittu sir, LOL. kelappitteenga. you are another innocent guy here. I agree and surrender.

Slice Of Life said...

sania is omnipresent...even if somebody gos to moon and looks for her she ill be visible like china wall
hype at its best

Vinesh said...

Sania is as cute as she is talented. That's why her search results are multiple times that of any other sportswoman :-)

keerthi said...

Chennai Pages ? you really think so.. ok you shud be kidding..

vinesh KS, Cute, Cute as in English ? You should meet Madan.. you will make good friends.