Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Broadband User Guide

All these months went on continous browsing,. And you know, thats not anymore. With the 1GB limit on, how would you know, how much you are browsing ?

Know your limits - is a very important sentence in philosophy. You go more than your limits, then you have to pay for it. In BSNL terms, if you download 80 MB Thiruvasagam in Symphony in MP3, you would be paying BSNL Rs. 160. The Original CD Price is Rs. 125/-.

So, dear BSNL Broadband users, kindly go to this site with frustration,. Find out how much ou have already consumed in the month of July. And take your kerchief and wipe your sweating forehead..yes..I was shocked to see mine., I had already consumed 60% of 1 GB (in just 5 days). Not very good signs, huh !

So, this is it. Same old Dial up behaviour.


tt_giant said...

1GB limit - is it 2 way or just download?

thennavan said...

My parents have now switched to BSNL (from VSNL) and we have always been doing web cam chats. So, I dunno how much the bills are going to get inflated with this paltry data transfer rate.

keerthi said...

Deepak, It is for both uploads and downloads. That makes it even sick.

Thennavan, Give this month a try.. If it doesnt work out well, switch to Airtel. Think is is cheap.. Someone ?

Krithiga said...

Since college has started in full swing, I don't get to stay online and download stuff 24*7 like I did in Holidays. And I've used 24% of 1 GB, and doing quick math, I guess I won't exceed the download limit that much. But come November-Holidays, I hope my mother doesn't get a heart attack on seeing the telephone bill.

keerthi said...

Krithika, November Holidays.. ok, let me prepare a download list for you.. You me JD and Karthik Kannan are all downloading movies.. so, we all put together the bits.