Sunday, July 10, 2005

Camera Phones - not on my list

Call it Coincidence or whatever.. This is the sequence.

1. One fast look into Junior Vikatan. Read the news about the London Bombings, and more specifically about RengaRaman, who was on the train that was impacted.

2. One lazy browsing morning.. Chakra's Grafitti featured Renga's appearance on Junior Vikatan. Only then, i knew he was a fellow blogger. Renga is known as Dubukku in the Blogosphere.

Good to know, a blogger is on Junior Vikatan, and more good to know that he survived.

I also came across this article about Camera Phones being used to Broadcast the London tube calamity. Read it here...

I have had mixed opinions about having Camera on Mobile phones. I personally like the art of photography, and having a limited capability on camera is something i dont feel comfortable with. A VGA camera mobile is simply a compromise. I got a Samsung C100, when many other popular Nokia's were available for the same rate. Prime reason 65K Color. Nokia never gives a 65K color on any mobile less than 10,000 bucks, or atleast for Rs. 5000.

I have always dreamt of the Communicator. But thats not for the Camera on it. I like the feel of having an Organizer in hand, void the fact that Im the most unorganized person in my friend neighborhood. Yet, the style of having a relatively bigger mobile ( I dont like the smaller ones ) and a Qwerty keyboard function.. just melts my mind. Someone give me a good job (I mean a better job.. heh!). I wanna buy the Communicator soon.

Coming back to camera phones, look like many IT organizations are drafting policies to surprise the Associate, telling him - "Uh Oh ! That one is not allowed in there."

Well, First of all, who on earth thought of having a Camera on mobiles ?? What kind of Idea was that ??

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