Wednesday, July 06, 2005

[ctsy - Bharatbala Pics ]

For those who did not know why did the Indian Flag appear on this, without a relevance (Duh ! When was something relevant here..) then I'd request you to go to Chakra's Blog.

By the way, Did you guys notice GMail was a lot inconsistant today.. This has happened quite sometimes.. I have trusted GMail all the way. Hope it doesnt Kavuththufai.


Chakra Sampath said...

Thats a brilliant one Keerthi... exactly the kind I am looking for - big & fluttering.

Many many many thanks!!

ioiio said...

refreshing to read my kinda tanglish..

Kavuthify'daa dheenga..
Thodarndhu Idhey pola Blog'idunga

lol :)

lavsubbu said...

well...its not exactly fluttering...but its satisfied the purpose...i guess ;-)

Narayanan Venkitu said...

Didn't know the relevance until I read Chakra.! Good Help indeed.!

GMAIL - Thanks...but no thanks...I'll stick to my faithful Yahoo.!

keerthi said...

Chakra, im glad it was. I really like this particular animation in Vande Matharam, because it has High frame rate, and The Buzzzz sound from Rahman when this appears..what a master piece.

ioiio, good to see you here. and yes.,. kavuththufy pannave maatten. vidaamal isthukine poolaam.

lavsubbu, it is fluttering, but not animated. I could have cut the full part as animation, the entire flag appearing, but we should see Latha Mangeshkar, Hariharan, Bhimsen Joshi and many other singers singing Jana Gana Mana... (even now you can see a few legs of those singers at the bottom of the flag.) And yes, you guessed it right.

Venkittu Sir, "Paropakaram Itham Sareeram" - means helps to friends is good for us.
GMail is wonderful, sir.. you have to try it. You can switch to GMail later, but try it now.