Wednesday, July 13, 2005


Scratch your heads before reading this. Or have you read this already.

In the line of eMails, eCommerce, eBanking and everything E .. we have ePaper. Well this one is a physical media. Take a look.

This is ePaper, Ladies and Confused Men. Fujitsu has announced the launch of bendy electronic paper that can store and display images wirelessly.

The newly developed ePaper features an image memory function that enables “continuous display of the same image without the need for electricity”, although it does require a smidge of power to switch images. Plus, the images don’t warp or lose quality when the e-paper is bent or rolled up.

Fujitsu has even outlined some applications for its smarty-pants paper, including wireless transfer of photos and text messages from mobiles onto the ultra-portable e-paper. Here are just a few other uses it envisages for launch:

  • It can offer more convenient digital-media devices that can be carried from room to room in the home.
  • Operating manuals and other short-term information displays, facilitating the trend toward paperless offices or factories.
  • Electronic shelf display tags, restaurant menus, and other in-store uses. Can also be used for pricing displays or product information displays that stand out in full color and can be readily updated.
Well, I read this in Gizmodo. This might be leading to some interesting potential uses. The first, and most obvious, thing would be digital newspapers and magazines. You walk up to the kiosk, pay your money, and get a copy of Hindu sent down to your epaper for later consumption.

Whoops ! Is this possible ?


GP said...

Hi Keerthi.. nice one.. Today is my first serious visit to ur site.. cool.. interesting ones..

This e-paper is quite a good news for me.. I am among the guys who prepare the active polymeric material used in e-paper.. (not in Shimadzu.. i work in univ.) Glad to know that it is already in market.. I will spread it out to my colleagues.

GP said...

Other applications that we guys dream on:

* Foldable TV screens.. Take it to wherever u want..

* E-clothing....

* Foldable and designer bulbs..

Ram.C said...

what about e-tissue?? can you imagine?

Chakra Sampath said...

ai.. idhu nalla irukke!

Krithiga said...

Think about e-books too! All those Project Gutenberg texts can be read conveniently.

keerthi said...

GP, what do you mean Serious visit.. i dont get you..You owe me an explanation ;)
And hey, wow.. you seem to be doing some techno stuff.. let me know about it.
And your thought on e-Clothing rocks.. I would like to know how it will evolve.
I wish i just download a Myilkan Veshti, and wea it :)

Ram.C - Hilarious Imagination.. Kalakkitteenga. Who knows someday we might have that. This reusability thing is bugging the entire world.

Chakra, semmaya irukkulle.. Logam Engeyo Poyindirukku hmmm..

Krithika, eBooks have already come into existance.. I mean the long display gadgets, where you can put PDF files, and read them on.

Krithiga said...

eBooks are already in existence, yes, but reading them is a pain in the neck. With e-Paper, that'd become a million times better.

GP said...

I visited your site early this week and just glanced through.. somehow the first things I saw (chennai slang, some fotos, reflections, R Lola R, etc.) werent strong enough to see the entire page.. (there are hundreds of bloggers, right?) The ones I saw yesterday made me take the visit "seriously".

I am not in the techno side.. i am in the science side.. I work on light-emitting polymers, light-harvesting polymers, etc.. As and when a breakthrough happens, I will let you know..