Thursday, July 28, 2005

Hari Hi Om !

I have this real good habit of visiting temples every Saturday. Dont have a pathetic question "Why is it a real good habit..?".. Its good because it feels good. :) that simple. I've heard mixed opinions from different people about God. Of course ChennaiCentral had a post on "Does God Exist".. God is such a hot figure that he is never out of controversy. Much like Salman Khan, huh !

Jokes apart. To me divine is really divine. I am a part of the gang in our locality, that visits on Anjaneyar temple in the city (and sometimes outside the city), every saturday evening. The Gang is all my friends, who studied with me in School. It is a pleasurable experience.

More than that, you get a comfort feeling being subjective.

Spread open your hands, up in the air, and worship the deity "Narayanaa !". Wow ! Thats the art of complete surrender. Here's a small story.. Draupathi was being stripped by Duchhadhanan. She was crying aloud for help.. none. Then Draupathi started crying aloud shouting Lord Krishna's name, with both her hands opposing the pull of Duchchaadhana. As time progressed and no help on way, Draupathi, left both her hands off, spread it up in the air, and requested for help to the Ultimate. And Lord Krishna was bang on target, to help Draupathi.

Was a mini - kathaa kalakshepam, wasnt it. I love these things, man. Back to point.. it is the complete surrender that needs to be there on a prayer.

Try this, Visit a temple tomorrow.. and pray like you've never prayed before. See what God can do for you.


tt_giant said...

I envy you Keerthi.. it is such a pain to go to a temple here. very far from my place. so i pray at home for awhile.

;-) but I am sure you would pray on behalf of me too!.

Hari said...

Good one on Vaishnava Saranagati tatva.If you get a chance try to read "Science of Self Realization". Published by Iskcon.It gives explains the vedic philosophy in a way that appeals to today's youth.

Mahes said...

so, you went to temple to receive something or put an application for some fullfillment. what have you given to him. your prayer is okey... is it complete.. i mean have u emptied your tea cup before getting ready to receive fresh and flavoured tea.

keerthi said...

Deepak, Me and God understand your problem.. so, you pray at home huh !! i know i dont mean it ... just for chumma, take this pazhamozhi "Koil illa ooril Kudi irukka vendaam "... (i know its not practical.. but just thinking over..)

hari, self realization.. boy. i got a whole new theory on it. but sure.. will give it a read, when i come across.

mahes, nope-i-nope. i dont go to temple with empty tea cups.. in fact i dont ask god for tea, to fill up my cup. you dont do transactions there. prayers are not application forms. worship is not a bundle of requests.. are you asking me, "Than whats all that ??"... hold on. we will talk more.

viji said...

Thinking of God or visiting a temple regularly or whnevr possible is a really wonderful way of connecting wth oneself.
Bt, whn i c ppl who usually talk like aethists, suddenly going2a temple or keeping viboothi/kumkumam jst b4 exams or during difficult times..i cringe.. thts pure selfishness & hypocrisy.
Wonderful post!

tt_giant said...

Keerthi: enna ba panradhu.. indha regionla kovil irukaradhey periya vishayam.. adhaan veetliye koil veshten..

Cipher said...

Me too have the same habit...

Jacky said...

What do you get with that sincere prayer Narayana? Tranquility or Spirituality?
If it's tranquility there are better methods. Meditation or you can listen to Music for the soul. From a simple AUM chant to healing music (Western and Indian) everything is available on market these days. From the little I know, the deepest principle of spirituality is selfless surrender to the almighty. If we go to temple just for our mental peace and see what he can do -- we'll be just using Spirituality to nurture and pamper the SELF. In the end, we'll be Antithesis specialists!

keerthi said...

Viji, oh yeah ! thinking of God just before a problem is Human. thats natural. selfishness ? no thats not selfishness. We are Humans, and we do not possess perseverance towards faith. it is fluctuating.. I understand your point/agony about people who come to god at the eleventh hour.. but then.. we are all like that. God has been excusing them, and understands them.. you also do the same thing. (BTW, nice sarees on your Blog.. let me have another look).

deepak, super na. enna pannaradhu.. veetuliye vendikonga ! vera vazhi illa. (send me your wishes ;) )

cipher, great,. you do that at Edmonds ? what temple you got there.

jacky, come my boy. where did i say sincere prayer.. anyways. Iam totally against the concept of Meditation. Or atleast the confused form in which things are practiced. "Selfless" is a very big word for me (actually a pointless word), no religion as far as i know asks you to give a selfless surrender. and if it does, it is a crazy idea. And No. I dont go to temple for mental peace.. if i want mental peace, i just go into my bathroom, and open the shower.. mental peace is really simple to acheive (when you are in not in trouble.. when you are in trouble, not even meditation will give you mental peace).

Jacky said...

You haven't answered my question yet! Spirituality or Tranquility?
Meditation is the best way to calm wavering/disturbed thoughts. Not going to temples where Physical, Social, and Emotional activeness is still at play. The toughest part of Meditation for beginners is to control/stop the flow of thoughts, once you achieved it then you'll start to appreciate its benefits. These are basic principles of Raja Yoga. If you haven't read Kadamai Mulam Kadavul by Swami.Ashutosh of Vivekananda Mutt, I'll recommend you that book. You can compare all the yogas and decide which is the best for you.
I quite like you idea of peace in shower – one of the Osho ways but in Chennai where water scarcity is prevalent, you just can't stay in shower for eternal :-)
Yep. Selfless is a big word for everyone but where in Geetha it is said you can be selfish? Not even in Karma Yoga where you fulfill your worldly responsibilities and get credit (waft off your Negative Karma) for it!

Jeevan said...

hi keerthi, I was surprised to see a God lover. I Chennai there are many temples some will go to temple rare. But you told I will go to temple every Saturday, I should appreciate you for this. Your know Draupathi has a temple in Mahabalipuram, it is also a famous temple in kanchepurram distich. My father will go to ganesh temple every Saturday. I pray SaiBaba.

Slice Of Life said...

prayer is very personal thing... i do agr going to temple has different effect

keerthi said...

jacky, None. The problem comes only when you try to classify things. Did your mother feed you because of Love/affection , or was she being practical or was she just doing her duty ? It is all three of them. right, so you may not classify your mom's feding food to you as Emotion or Logic or Practical. Same way, many things in this world aer better done unclassified. I going to temple, because it feels good. No spirituality. No Tranquility. Not mental peace... but it feels good. Period. I've been through all parts of meditation. All kinds of meditation. Im not offending you like an all known guy, but i've practically seen things happen. My family gave me that opportunity. Many were involved in Art of Living, reiki, manavalakalai and many many more. But then, we dont need anything, brother. Trust me.. you simply need maturity. practical maturity. thats not a big ask. Yoga is not for me. im already hefty and shuttle is the only game i play. Geetha talks of being selfless ? the opposite of selfless is not selfish. (hey, i like arguing.. something offending on top.. excuse ;)

jeevan, God Lover ? ok, if you say so. It is certainly not a mistake, not going to temple. And yes, i;ve heard of those temples. enna thaan sollunga, Kabali mathiri varuma.

Uma, thats right.. prayer is more personal. but wait ! in what way ?

thennavan said...

Sharanaagatha vathsala saaranidhe
Paripaalayamaam vrusha shailapathe

Surrendering the fruits of all actions, taken refuge in me alone. I shall redeem you from all sins. Grieve not! (Sarva Dharmaan parithyajya Maamekam Sharanam Vraja; Aham Thvaam Sarva Paapebhyo Mokshaishyaami Maa Shuchaha).

Good post Keerthi :-)

keerthi said...

Welcome back thennavan. (was the second one from Vishu Sahasranaamam >?)

Jacky said...

Keerthi dude!
I'm lost but never mind.

"Try this, Visit a temple tomorrow.. and pray like you've never prayed before. See what God can do for you"

I replied to your post after I read these words. I think you've changed your opinion else there's no reason to clarify things such as filling or not filling ones cuppa tea.
This Practical maturity is a very vague word, we can cope up with a loss of Job, loss of recognition or many things like that but the test comes when you lose a very loved one in life or when one finds his/her spouse cheating. So called Practical maturity vanishes in thin air. It's subjective – tangible limits vary from person to person and there are no trusted guidelines. It's just based on what the mind says between stimulus and response.
I'm not saying this to trigger another conversation, think about it and flush it off if it's not worthy. A reply is not needed as it'd complicate things! I'm just presenting an alternate view, that's all!

keerthi said...

jacky, yeah ! i understand what you are saying. :)